Concord Imaging Center

We’ve added the most advanced MRI technology available today!

For over four decades the greater Concord area has relied on Concord Imaging Center (CIC) for top quality imaging and compassionate care.

Our extraordinary team of highly-experienced, radiologists are on-site to evaluate all scans.

To consistently provide the highest level of care, we routinely acquire new, state-of-the-art equipment, like this new OPEN MRI, enhancing our services even further, with:

  • More comfortable - Spacious with 270° view
  • Less Anxiety - Quieter, open and airy
  • Clearer Images - More confident diagnosis
  • More Efficient - Faster, less time for you

Concord Imaging Center with advanced technology, outstanding medical talent and compassionate care, provides an exceptional patient experience.

The Echelon Oval & Oasis MRI are effective for a variety of imaging needs including Orthopedic Imaging, Neurological Imaging and Vascular Imaging.

What is MRI?

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a diagnostic procedure that uses a powerful magnet and radio waves to produce detailed images of the body's organs and structures, without X-rays or radiation.


The Oasis open field MRI offers an uncompromised satisfying imaging experience for everyone involved.

OASIS is a truly open, vertical field whole body magnet that allows a 270° unobstructed view, making the scanning procedure as pleasant as possible.

OASIS is perfect for those who are anxious, elderly, large or small - all approach their scan without apprehension. OASIS provides high quality diagnostic images while maximizing patient comfort.


The Echelon Oval has a 7 4 cm oval opening designed around the shape of the human body, providing a comfortable and spacious environment for an optimal imaging experience.

Echelon Oval is the widest 1.5T system available and delivers the most lateral freedom. Anxious, claustrophobic, broad­shouldered patients up to 550lbs experience greater comfort and peace of mind.

Patients benefit from fewer sedations, reduced rescans and shorter exam times. The unique oval opening produces excellent results.