mri accreditation breast imaging accreditation This painless, radiation-free procedure uses magnets and a computer to create detailed images of the breast. Its ability to better determine the extent of the breast cancer has assisted in surgical management so that breast conserving therapies can be considered.


What to expect

In the MRI suite, you will be asked to lie on your stomach on a specialized cushioned table with your breasts in an imaging coil. Once you are comfortably positioned, the table will move into the magnet. From the control area, the technologist will stay in constant contact with you, both visually and through an intercom.

The study usually takes 30 to 45 minutes but typically longer if a biopsy is scheduled.


There are no restrictions of foods prior to your MRI. You should however, avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages since you will be required to lie still for several minutes at a time.

Please inform you physician if you are allergic to any medications, are diabetic, or have renal disease or if you think you may be pregnant.

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